I’m always fascinated by the journey of how a single grape is turned into beautiful wine we can all enjoy and appreciate.

Hello my dearest wine lovers.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely summer. Veevinos’ quest to find amazing wines led me to Italy this summer. My love for Italian wine dates back to my first trip to Sicily in 2004. I couldn’t believe it when one afternoon, my friend’s husband left with an empty 5-litre bottle to go buy wine. To my pleasant surprise, he returned with wine that was just fantastic! Don’t ask me how long that 5-litre bottle lasted.

Visiting Italy over the years, I fell more and more in love with their wine and food (who doesn’t?). This summer was no different. I arrived on a rainy day to visit the Valpanera Winery in Friuli. Valpanera is a family-run business that personally oversees every aspect of the winemaking operation. I was fortunate enough to have Luca, the master winemaker, escort me through the vines while walking me through the entire process, including the manufacturing part of it and how wine is bottled and labeled.

The Valpanera team had just finished tasting the 2014 Refosco and all I can say is ‘magnifico!’

Stay tuned Veevinos Club members!

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