How we started

Veronica (Vee), founder of Veevinos, was born and raised in Tlhabane, South Africa. After her school years, she followed her passion for travelling and embarked on a career working with Carnival Cruise Lines in the United States of America. Her journey around the world gave her a unique perspective as she ventured into different cultures, foods and wines. Vee used her experiences to embark on a journey to select and sell the finest wines from unique family-owned wine producers that emphasize on high quality. She currently lives between Ghana, South Africa and the United States. Veevinos shares with you Vee’s love for unparalleled fine wines from around the world.





Vee’s personal vision is to contribute to the community by providing amenities and social services to the underserved and children in need. Her mission is for Veevinos to contribute part of all proceeds from each release to a selected charity voted on by club members. YOU SIP FOR A CAUSE!